About Bourbon for the Masses: I created this website primarily as a place to share bourbon reviews and from time to time my opinion on happenings in the bourbon industry. This isn’t a website where you will find reviews of impossible to find unicorn bottles. I don’t have those types of connections. Everything you see reviewed here has been purchased by me. Sometimes I am lucky enough to come across a limited/allocated bottle, but for the most part I just review common bourbon for the common bourbon lover like myself.

About Me: I am proud Volunteer and live in the city of Knoxville where my wife and I both attended the University of Tennessee. I currently work a full time warehouse job and am working on my MBA so my time is pretty limited. My love affair with bourbon began in my early 20’s like many people pounding Evan Williams and Jack Daniel’s during college. One particular weekend a friend and I decided to be “fancy” and bought a bottle of Buffalo Trace, and from that point on the obsession was born.