Most Anticipated Releases of 2017

It is hard to believe that we are already almost a full month into 2017. 2016 came and went and brought plenty of stellar releases such as Old Forester 1920 and Booker’s Rye. 2017 looks to be a year that is packed with solid new releases as well. Instead of going over yearly releases such as Pappy and BTAC we are going to focus solely on new releases, which brings us to a release that came out earlier this week.


Smooth Ambler the West Virginia distillery responsible for bringing us one of the most lauded sourced whiskeys with its Old Scout series brings us their first true release of their own distillate. Smooth Ambler Wheated Bourbon was released earlier this week, and is initially only available for pickup at their Distillery in West Virginia.

In February Wild Turkey will be bringing back to marker two historic labels with their Whiskey Barons collection. Old Ripy dates back to 1868 and was distilled on the site of the current Wild Turkey distillery in Lawrenceburg, Ky. The bourbon itself will feature a combination of 8 and 12 year old whiskeys, it will be non chill filtered and bottled at 104 proof. Bond and Lillard was a well regarded brand in the pre-prohibition era even winning a gold medal at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. This whiskey will be aged a minimum of seven years and will be bottled at 100 proof. Both of these whiskies will be releases in 375 ml bottles and retail for $49.99.


E.H. Taylor’s ongoing set of experimental releases will bring us a four grain bourbon this year. As opposed to traditional recipes which consist of corn as the base grain, malted barely to help with alcohol production, and either rye which produces a spicy, fruity bourbon, or wheat which produces a sweeter bourbon, this bourbon will feature the use of all four grains. There have been other brands release four grain bourbons recently and not many of them have gone over well. If anyone is capable of putting out a good version of this whiskey style is is E.H. Taylor.


Last but not least is a release that has started to trickle out at the gift shop and will start to make its way to the rest of the market fairly soon, Wild Turkey master’s keep Decades. This is the second release in the Master’s Keep series which now seems to be Eddie Russell’s experimental brand. This particular whiskey will be a blend of 10 and 20 year old bourbons, will be non chill filtered, and bottled at 104 proof. Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Decades will retail around $149.99

This is the best list I could compile from information that is available right now. Stay tuned to Bourbon for the Masses for updates on bourbons to be on the look out for as 2017 picks up steam.


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